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Reviews for "His World (Remix)"


This is way better than the original,
and im glad you did'nt put lyrics in it =)


but..but...this is only the beginning part remixed for 2 minutes long, where's the rest? =o

paranoiddj001 responds:

As I've said in numerous reviews, I hadn't heard the entire song all the way through before I submitted this. You can hear the rest of the song in a new V2 mix which I've submitted

Hey man!

Damn nice song! Congrats on the top 30.
Deserves where it's at and should stay this way.

[go to the top] lol





I like the beat and all, but what game is this!? (I guess I should just hand in my gamer's license now, right?) But seriously, what game is this from? I like this beat a lot, much like a fight against a high level boss or something.

paranoiddj001 responds:

It's from Sonic '06. Glad you like it! Check out the V2 mix as well :D