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Reviews for "His World (Remix)"

thank god

u didnt add lyrics, would of ruined it gr8 song btw! 10/10

Too much of a good thing.

I really like the melody that this has, but it doesn't change for the whole song. However, it is a REALLY GOOD melody : )
Try adding a bit more in there and that would be a perfect 10

Where's the meat?

I love this song and the band who performed it. I have the game version, the Zebrahead (band) remix and the the Smash remix and would consider adding this one, except for the fact that you only used the same line through the whole song. It was like one big long great intro, as if I was taking my first bite into multiples of the same sandwich. Personally, I like to eat the whole sandwich, and if someone is going to spice up that sandwich and toast it, I want to be able to enjoy the whole thing. You've done a great job so far now if only you could complete the verse...

paranoiddj001 responds:

I have re-made this song in a V2 mix which I have submitted. Check that out and you'll hear a lot more of the original song.

Eunosphere hates oiginal, he has no right to judge

there area few mistakes, butit deserves an 8, not 5

The Original Is Total Crap

Not to be offensive, but I gave you a five because you at the very least attempted to make such a horrible song sound good. God I hate this song (the original), the thought of attaching sonics face to such tunes disturbs me...!

The effect the remixed parts had on the -100% lameness of the song was about +10%.

Nice try though.

paranoiddj001 responds:

Thanks for the review