Reviews for "His World (Remix)"


Honestly, this is really awesome. I was really pulled in by this, and this is something that I could definitely listen to over and over again. This really does sound adventous, and it engerizes the listener. You did a very good job. I will definitely be taking a look at your other songs.

How invigorating..

Your work brings the listener into the world of Sonic The Hedgehog from the very beginning.. As the song begins, I can envision myself standing alone with my rival, exchanging words of prior engagement as each of us vies to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds we've acquired to decide whether or not this world is worth saving.. and at the 42 second mark, the deciding battle begins..

Superbly done, and I'm sure many avid fans of Sonic would agree. For the others out there who fall into the songs they listen to and become part of it as we listen, you've just provided another astonishing instance to envision. You have my thanks. I wish you the absolute best with your future works, and I look forward to hearing your next piece.

10/10, 5/5, and downloaded.

wow nicely done!

I saw the name and I had to check this out. quite a well made remix. its true to its roots and it has a house / heavy base addition. I love the part around 1:50. A simple slow down but hey, silence is a big part of music.

Well done~ Well done~




loved the song :)