Reviews for "His World (Remix)"

Yay i love sonic!

this is really great! and actually both your mixes are excellent! the end is the best.


Its one of my favorite Sonic song and your remix is amazing. The Drums and the end of the song are really awesome!
it reminds me of a DnB-song


its very nicely done, the only thing is that it only plays the opening theme of the song but its still awesome, great job!


this almost is good as the super smash bros one except it has that louder drum beat beat and guitar solo different sounds

Good approach.

Awww. When I saw this on the All-time Top Scoring I was really excited to see what this artist has did to this because I really liked the "His World(Intrumental)" version. But I hate to say that I'm kind of disappointed. First off though, I really liked the beginning with just the melody starting off and then everything starts to build up. Especially when the bass comes in, that's great. The thing that I really disliked was the repetition. The melody was just played all throughout the track and there was no variation at all except for the "background" sounds.


paranoiddj001 responds:

Sorry to hear that. Try listening to my V2 of this mix, maybe you will think that's better :)