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Reviews for "Invader ZIM Sound Board"

sound at its funniest

Wow I have no idea what Invader is but this sure was good!
Overall content was hilarious especially the lines used, they cracked me up every time and that floating space thing in the background was an extra little bonus xD
All I would suggest is to correct some of the spelling (there are a few mistakes) and to add more sounds to choose from.

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I love that show!

it wus great I dont care about spellin mistakes ps. u should make another one for grrrrr

it was ok

most of the lines were ok, but since you had so many spelling mistakes i had to lower the overall grade


Soundboards can really be a nice thing, some of your favorite lines from a show or a movie in one easy to find section. I love that you have decided to use Invader Zim as one of your sound boards. This is probably your best looking to date, but it is a little simplistic for my taste. I do however like that it is easy to read and click through all the differnt sounds, etc. Good work, hope to see more from you soon.


make one with gir!

to me gir is funnier than zim so i think i speak for everyone when i say "you should make one for gir next time"