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Reviews for "Invader ZIM Sound Board"


u said his spelling sucks well wtf is a speeling

invader zim is sweet but dude!

dude invader zim sweetness but your speeling SUCKS LIKE NOTHING ELSE the robot's name is spelled G.I.R! not GRR!!

I love invader zim, but

this was shit, are you like in 1st grade? you spell like shit!!!! HOW DARE YOU DISGRACE THE PIG!!!!!!!!!

one of my only zeros

i am a die hard invader zim fan...but this is a waste of time...not good, not funny, no plot, i think instead of "GRRRRRRR!", he was saying "gir!", refering to his robot made of crappy old stuff that was thrown away, which i doubt you knew...i was just watching some of the invader zim episodes...like...all of them...again...i seem to watch atleast 3 episodes a day....alot of the time more...BACK TO TOPIC!!!! you are crazy!!! no efort into the flash except for adding the things and the stuff to click!!! and you put pictures into the thing! that's all i saw!!!! so bleah!!!! you made me get off topic, and i'm going to assume you smell like an old crusty oreo i found under the couch earlier, but i don't really know what you smell like so i can't be certain on that one!!!

Ehhh... weeelll....

When I saw this, I was like, "YAY ZIM SOUND BOARD!" But.. all it had was -Zim-. I mean, Gir is awsome. Even have some Dib quotes in there. You know? Just don't have -all- Zim.

Almost all of the quotes were spelled incorrectly. That makes me sad. :(