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Reviews for "Invader ZIM Sound Board"


invader zim kicks so much ass, Jhonen Vasquez is a God

Invader zim rocks!

But you made a terrible sound board... everything spelled wrong... very unorganized... badly titled... and Gir is spelled Gir... NOT GRR!!! You really don't know enough about invader zim to make a sound board


That was hilarious i love invader zim i wish they didnt cancel it.


You got away with sound boards too long with good scores its not right a sound board only takes 20mins or less to make please show us all you can make somthin elese besides a no skill sound board all you do is sumbit one soundboard every day that shows somthin and this site is for


I love invader zim, but that wasnt all that great...Making a sound board doesnt take much skill...And the graphics were just some invader zim pictures you took and made them move around the screen. If you're going to add animations, at least make them good ones. And the 7 page thing was annoying. You could have fit them all onto one page if you tried.