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Reviews for "Invader ZIM Sound Board"

lies... ALL LIES!!!

Best SB I've ever heard. However, your format is poorly designed. You're better off using one or two large screens with buttons to activate the sounds.

Oh wow!

Soundboards are NOT flash. Stop supporting this stupid shit!

Lots of stuff

Well its awsome to see a ZIM flash with some many sounds. This had many sounds to choose from and each page was funny or evil. This is a very well done zim soundboard with a variety of things to listen to.

Bussiness is done!

good job

its good i like invader zim. but how come u only make sound boards :?


None of the Invader Zim flash movis do it any justice at all.
This is just a bunch of wavs from the IZ Wav archive stuck on a bunch of flash buttons.
It's not really usefull for anything bsides listening, which you could have done at the more accuratly-titled-sound-filled webpage which I can't link to 'cause it's against the ruels.