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Reviews for "Invader ZIM Sound Board"


Where is the one where he says something like " I will rain doom upon your filthy heads!" or something like that. I havent seen the show in ages..

Where are the other characters?

This is much better than the poorly done GIR board. It would be wise if the GIR board was redone. Also, where are the other characters? Dib, Gaz, Tak, Prof. Membrane, and Ms. Bitters had significante rolls to say. ("You guy's are just begging to face the moose!","Let it be know from this day until the end of the day, vengence will be mine. Dib, you will not know the meaning of peace for I shall reign misery down upon YOUR PIZZA STEALING HEART!","For longer than I remember, I've been looking for a person like you. Someone with a head like yours and a torso too, birds sing AND YOUR GOING TO PAY. The End.","Not now son. I'm making...TOAST!","Doom! Doom! Doom! Go home now!")


That was a good soundboard, and also BakedPotatofish there is a Gir Soundboard it is in the Soundboard collections.

i like Zim, but....

how could you not have the one where GIR goes, "i lov-ed you piggy, i lov-ed you!"? that's my favorite quote from Zim.

even better would be a GIR soundboard.

1 problem

keep with the old format man. if u have ever seen the arnold format, thats the one u should use, the pages arent that great