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Reviews for "Invader ZIM Sound Board"

That's hilarious.

Invader Zim is so cool. It'd be cool if you put in more GIR. RIDE THE PIG!!!!

((( HEH )))

Ok another fun and interesting sound board, not to keen on the next button to get to more buttons as to all the buttons beeing on one page, but it works, funny animations in the backround was kinda neat, and the sound quality of this one was abit better then others, so nice job, keep on sound boarding...

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Decent board, with ok sounds, and funny animations...



Like the show, but not this much, maybe you could actually make a game instead of just random phrases.

worse or better....

yeh this is good hehe remembered some good episodes there but umm well this is a sound board and the backround (even though spinning things is attrctive at first) can get quite anoying but hehe i think it is good umm some sounds where a bit umm better then others and some of them i dont even know y they r in there but other then that it is good quantity but ok quality... (lol i have no idea what im saying know the caffine has worn off.....)

I liked it a little...

The spelling was horrid, the sound quality was sub-par and the graphics in the back were slightly annoying as they spun or whatever. But this IS the best "Zim" soundboard (philistines), sooo... you get a 4. goody for you.