Reviews for "Trekkin'"

you to good you know that right?

cause you rock in every genre and have the best scores for the most relaxing songs good job!


but unfortunately when i read the title, i was expecting something that i could "trek" to. "trek", by the way, is a term i use for quickly closing distance between two points by walkin hella fast! I usually trek when i gotta get from one free run spot to the next. all in all, i was lookin' for some pump to keep that adrenaline in between runs... sigh... oh well, still, a good track... i mean i gave it a nine! thanks again! i suppose next time i'll review your music and not why I'm here to get it in the first place...srry!

Excellently made!

Uses creative instrumentals (I detect harmonica! XD) to make a pretty upbeat ambient feeling.

The real downside, for me, though, is that I don't really LIKE ambient... too repetetive and boring as a style on the whole :(

So, my two "I like it" points were absent, but it's very well put together nonetheless, and receives a 7/8 on everything else.

synteza responds:

can't have 'em all :(