Reviews for "Trekkin'"


I am going to rip your face off for taking sooooo long to submit. While I still think Dirty World is possibly the greatest song you ever sent me through MSN, I can make do with this =D

The song, as always, is awesome. Wasn't expecting to see a new song while browsing through my fav artists, but I'm lad there is. I would take anything right now, even if it was just one note the whole song, I'd give you a 10 =P

You could of sent this into the Mac8 for Pico Day, it would of been sure to win over my two submissions. Not to say I'm going to win, but this is just the most excellent thing I've heard from you yet. Quite a different style to tackling.

Anyways, hope to see you soon on MSN.

synteza responds:

Susprisingly enough, the hardest thing to make in this was the piano. It would just never sound right! Well I guess the beat wasn't exactly easy either, but that was fun. I'm not done Dirty World yet :O but when I am I'll throw it on here just for you!


Excellently made!

Uses creative instrumentals (I detect harmonica! XD) to make a pretty upbeat ambient feeling.

The real downside, for me, though, is that I don't really LIKE ambient... too repetetive and boring as a style on the whole :(

So, my two "I like it" points were absent, but it's very well put together nonetheless, and receives a 7/8 on everything else.

synteza responds:

can't have 'em all :(




I thought you were never releasing another sone. Thanks you sooo much for this! :D

synteza responds:

no problem! i'll put more this summer :)