Reviews for "Trekkin'"


but unfortunately when i read the title, i was expecting something that i could "trek" to. "trek", by the way, is a term i use for quickly closing distance between two points by walkin hella fast! I usually trek when i gotta get from one free run spot to the next. all in all, i was lookin' for some pump to keep that adrenaline in between runs... sigh... oh well, still, a good track... i mean i gave it a nine! thanks again! i suppose next time i'll review your music and not why I'm here to get it in the first place...srry!

you to good you know that right?

cause you rock in every genre and have the best scores for the most relaxing songs good job!

trekkin' is right..

sounds VERY urban - reminds me of busy people walknig to and fro in some busy uptown state like new york or boston, people eating hot dogs from little hot dog stands out on the street :P

that bassline is very recognizable :P - I love the chill drums you put with it as well. I also love the fat is slows down, and then you think it's done - and then it starts up again a little devolved - you introduction of elements I feel is always your strong points - you always know when to introduce new things to prevent it from being repetetive - and omg is that HARMONICA? It just doesn't get more urban than that! I also love whatever synth you added with it.. god what an awesome song :P

great work as usual.


synteza responds:


I love hot dogs from little hot dog stands. For some reason they taste a thousand times better like that.

Thanks for the kind words and funny typos.

Absolutely Amazing

Yet another fantastic piece by you, once again at a loss of words.. Keep up the amazing work... The one thing that got me though in the reviews is Reaper, if you don't like ambient why did you click on this song.. oh well.

synteza responds:

Haha yeah I'm like that too with art. If I don't like it I won't comment on it. Not everyone's of the same school of thought though.

Thanks for the review!


Cool song.

synteza responds:

Lol sweet.