Reviews for "Lady Chun-Li"

her eyes are mesmerising :)

its so beautiful, btw loved how everything looks so fuzzy except for her face so that people see the dark face before her body :) nicely done!


Wow, I knew Chun-Li was beautiful but damn. ( Yes I know she's a freaking VG character) But damn I love the art style on this. The color lines, the various shading, What kinda markers did you use anyway? Very beutiful piece of work.


In my view I see yhur main focus was more on the tassels, front part of her hair and the face. the rest looks like a child using a blue color pencil. Its a really good drawing though dont get me wrong I just feel it could have be colored in fully.

oh my god!

She's hotter than ever


Never playd the game be4 but this face is just beautiful!
This is real art. :3