Reviews for "Lady Chun-Li"


amazing one of the best iv ever seen

Something is kind of.. off

The face is nice, but there's something weird about it. Possibly the position of it as related to the rest of her head. It looks like a mask, or like it should pop out on a hinge. Maybe it's not the face- the "hair" part is too big, makes it look like she has a ginormous skull? Overall I like it but there's something not quite right with the proportions.


dude flaws or no flaws... this is an amazing picture, bump the haterz... they wish they could draw like this!!! <3


Very nice, but it has some fails in her body, but this is the only thing i saw wrong, not counting this, this is an awesome art!

Could be really good, but...

The anatomy is all messed up.
The shoulders are not aligned, the neck is too long and off center and it seens broken because of the bad angle. The torso feels too bidimensional and, oh my gawd... where is hers right arm!?

The face it's really beatiful, but it seens flat. It happened because the face's lighting doesn't give the same volume sensation as the head's and neck's do. It is unbalanced. The light sorce is behind her, so the hair lighting feels wrong.

The irregular painting is kind of strange. The face is almost smooth, but the neck is too rough and it seens like you rushed to finish the clothes.

My final words: It's an nice drawing, but its painting is all unbalanced. Next time try paying more attention to the lighting. And study a little anatomy!