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Reviews for "Education vs Manipulation"

Stop being good

Okay, you have to understand, NEWGROUNDS IS A PLACE OF SOPHOMORIC IGNORANCE. You're too smart, and your flashes make too much sense. Go make a stick fight.

NewEvolution responds:

HAHA....this has got to be the funniest review I've seen yet. I suppose my flash is a bit highbrow, but hey...they're designed to be easily understood and aimed at the common man. Besides, there is a "politics" checkbox on the portal submission page, so it's in a way expected. Not exactly the hotbed of political America, but hey...people see it.


Pretty cool. It made sence. That last review was funny too :P


Wait... So knowledge IS power?!

NewEvolution responds:

Yep. And admit it. My flash beats the crap out of those commercials.


Whoever makes this site should point out those damn cleaning product commercials. Always showing women. They're happy cleaning. They're happy cleaning for their man...All women should become like that....

The media manipulates whoever comes within it's grasp.

NewEvolution responds:

Hell yeah! The media is a tool of the corporate elite used to foist their schemes of "money = happy" upon our society. Not to mention the ideal of a domestic woman. Fuck that. I do the laundry, wash dishes and help with the cooking...the only true happiness is equality.


This is good, becuase I just finished watching Zoolander...