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Reviews for "Education vs Manipulation"

You Rock!

Simple. Well animated. Very Sticky. And i love your site!

You are my new hero. Spread the word!


NewEvolution responds:

Score! I win. I'm certainly trying to spread the word in every way that I can. Glad to see it sticks in your mind as intended. Tell your friends :)

The Deus Ex of American democracy...

This is what I've been waiting for. The end of American ignorance for those who seek it, and a way around media censorship in all forms and fashions. Though you don't have to agree with what's being said, you should at least listen to what is being said. Draw your own conclusions by absorbing as much information as possible. Accept the fact that what you know now may be your truth, but not THE truth. Lift the blindfold that has been tied around your eyes since birth through school, television, and other people's ignorance.

Having said that, if you (The author of this animation) want to reach more people, you have to make the content noticable. Stick some Anti-Flag music in there, burn an American flag, and make 56kers cry. THEN, you've reached the people.

...I'm not a terrorist, by the way. I just have too much time on my hands these days.

NewEvolution responds:

HAHA....I'll keep that in mind for the next round of creation. You mind if I post your response on my site? It's truly excellent.

Well done.

Allow me to apologize for the rather harsh review of “Democracy?” I ranked it rather impetuously, not willing to acknowledge that I was judging you on the basis of your fundamental personal disagreement with my conservative views, rather than on the merit of your flash.

This one, I truly like. The same style that made the other one so clean and striking is employed well in this work. It seems that you can issue forth these flashes with remarkable speed (I am computer inept; I’m assuming this is the case). Should I be worried?

I don’t think anyone can argue against your point (aside from the promulgators of totalitarian ideals), and I don’t think anyone can argue that society is starved of such education. This is not limited by contemporary society…in Plato’s terms, the entire human civilization has been imprisoned in the allegorical cave, with mere shadows of the truth dancing on the walls in front of it. The little book retrieved by your character might as well have had “The Republic” or “Nicomachean Ethics” printed on its cover. I agree infinitely: the structure of society has become chillingly proficient at dulling the ability of its citizens to learn, and pursue the true form of all things, including society itself.

Keep this up. I’m intrigued.

NewEvolution responds:

Thanks....just who exactly are you? You don't fit the curve of the general NG public...not by a long shot. In any case, I'm glad to see I'm not the only learned soul that peruses these pages.

As for "Democracy?" no need to apologize. I've found that attacking the "American way" generally doesn't go over all that well. This flash seems to have been received a bit better, as I suppose you really can't argue for stupidity and ignorance. I can't agree with you more about the dulling effects of modern society. People have become totally complacent with sitting at home experiencing life through the television, and accepting the views and conclusions thusly presented as absolute fact. We need to get back to individual thought, decision, and interpretation of facts as opposed to the consumerist, propagandistic display of reality of our televised monoculture.

As to the rapidity with which I've churned out these flashes, well...in reality it wasn't as rapid as it appears. I made a series of these a while ago, but was waiting to post them on NG until my site was complete. You should give it a look...there are several more still pieces in this series, though only one more animation. Said animation will be gracing the pages of NG tomorrow. If the reception of these previous 2 is any indication, it will be received rather harshly. But I suppose only time will tell.

Gret Job!!!!!

You my friend have alot to say. The world is better off with expresive people like you in it.

NewEvolution responds:

Thanks. I try to do my best with the tools and training I have at hand.

Not 6 years.

To the last person- The government hasn't been a lie for just six years. It's the most brought up, but still we've been lied to our entire lives.

NewEvolution responds:

He speaks the truth.

This administration has just been more blatant about it than most.