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Reviews for "Education vs Manipulation"

Not 6 years.

To the last person- The government hasn't been a lie for just six years. It's the most brought up, but still we've been lied to our entire lives.

NewEvolution responds:

He speaks the truth.

This administration has just been more blatant about it than most.

Love it

So this is what it’s all come down to. We’ve been influenced and maneuvered by the Government for nearly 6 years. 6 years of obscured speeches and news reports, 6 years of fabrication and lies. The Bush Administration has been endowing large media firms with thousands of dollars worth of bribes for 6 long years. Have we been unable to detect this misinformation for nearly 6 years?
Are we that mediocre? And what about the alleged war on terror? The eminent on Iraq.

The largest media cover up. Ever. Why were false documents used to back up Iraq's non-existent nuclear weapons program? Why was "intelligence" plagiarized by 10 Downing Street on a dossier made with 11 year old information, then presented by Powell to the UN as credible up-to-the-minute intelligence? Just how threatening was Iraq if we were able to topple
their military in 13 days? War on terrorism? No. A war that was started, as a last resort for ending recourses. Even though we are completely aware that we are burning our fossil fuels to depletion, us the citizens of this ‘great’ country are consistently purchasing our famous expensive and giant SUVs. Another great example of mass consumerism gone fanatical. And for how long have these vehicular corporations been shoving bullshit down our throats? Don’t ask.

Europeans should be our role models. They use smaller cars that exhaust far less gas than an average American Sedan. You know why? Because gas is expensive there, and they seem to give a shit. When the elections occur there, numerous political parties gain votes at reasonable rates. It isn’t similar at all to American Politics. Down here in the land of the free, the reputation and status of the Parties is mainly based on their budget. Bah! 2 parties! Republicans and Democrats. Both full of shit.

I congratulate you sir. You have proven yourself above all others. You are fully aware, and you resist. I thank you, and I hope to see more of your effort soon.

NewEvolution responds:

I appreciate your open mind. As you can see below, there are those more than willing to allow the mass-media to force-feed them their opinions.

I keep hoping people will wake up and shake off these shackles of media-backed consumerist materialism, but the American public seems far too happy to vegetate in front of "Lost" and "Fox 'News'" and bitch and moan about the high gas prices while driving Expeditions®. At this point I think an informed revolution in the US and nuclear armageddon are about equidistant from where we stand now. Either would be a welcome turn of events in my opinion.

In any event, thanks for the encouragement. If I ever get my ass in gear, you can expect more political statements from me in the future. 'Til then, spread the word. It certainly can't hurt to shake people out of their complacent subjugation.


what the hell was this shit? a blind puppy could do better

NewEvolution responds:

My blind puppy could beat up your blind puppy.


This was gay.


NewEvolution responds:

Utter lack of comprehension is usually the fault of the viewer, as opposed to the fault of the content.


Short and simple. Too bad FOX News...exists and half of America his ignorant :\

Kerry 04'

NewEvolution responds:

Damn straight.

With any luck someone in the government will grow a backbone / be immune to the lure of corporate bribes and shut them down for the propaganda outlet they are.

People need to wake up and realize that news television is amazingly NOT designed to tell them the unbiased truth. Thinking is still necessary, as much as us Americans love to have it done for us.