Reviews for "Lugias Song Remix"


I watch POKéMON every day. and this is my favorite movie. I like this remix, very nice song!

Oh my.

I was expecting this to be a remix that was calm and relaxing, due to the very similar start...then it turned into something far more exciting. Reminds me of a fire. It starts out small, and gentle...and as soon as it hits something ignitable, it bursts out uncontrollably...then it slowly settles down, until more comes to fuel it. And this is a song that will keep people listening to fuel that fire. Good job :D

yo man

i love the music orginal musik com from pokémon the movie 2000.
so you only took the music and remix it and call it your own how how smart why dident i fout off that

Let me explain the awesomeness...

I almost orgasmed at this...this...this is really good. no no no...not good...great. Dude, you have awesomeness tucked away up your sleeve. Make Moar nao...

Pure Awesomeness!

This is epic! I love this tune!