Reviews for "Lugias Song Remix"



very good but...

i was x-pecting a nice Lugia remix...but last time i checked there was no "pump up the volume" or and other words in the song every thing else was veryy well done its just that one line lowered your score down by 3

u gotta love that movie

although in the end lugia got his ass handed to em.
I love the choice of synth. Did u use fl studio? if so then wat was the synth.

Anyway its time for...
the bass was good, which enhanced the kick(which was also good)
How ever that pump up the volume part didnt come as a good intro into the rest of the song. if u ever make a newer version, keep that in mind.
Because the song was epic though, im downloading.

Angels Gone Rogue
-DJ Chaos

it looks like...

...i'm not the only one that god-damn hates the 'pump up the volume' bit. It's stupid and generic, don't do it again.

But apart from this, it's still good.

epic but...

it really is great exept for the pump up the volume thing. otherwise, its damn good!