Reviews for "Lugias Song Remix"

epic, however,

PLEASE, remove the voice clip saying 'pump up the volume'. kinda seems a bit out of place in the song.

nice touch with the intro, casual to awsome!


awesome song

agree with everybody else

epic song, nice synth
i personally could do without the flute intro

but seriously... get rid of the 'pump up the volume' in the beginning

C-Storm responds:

geeze stop whining about the vocal clip.. ive heard it a 1000 times.. :p The project file is over 5 years old, so I probably dont have any of the synths that I used at that time or I would..

Old song I uploaded and people strangely like it.. in my ears the song sound like crap and could use a makeover :)


that was crazy.


This is cool and funny, but cool. It's so funny beacause you here a flute and say- "Hey? Why isn't this Techno?" and then BAM! Hit's you. Awesome. Pure awesome. 1 more to my favirotes.