Reviews for "Lugias Song Remix"

lol great song

It felt kinda sad then i was about goto a different song and then...."PUMP UP THE VOLUME!!" Took me by suprize =P good song dude

really AWESOME

the movie was absolutely ATROCIOUS! This music was the only good part about it. Thanks for remixing it


UpBeat and awesome. I think this song is Perfect for Lugia

Amazingly Done

I really like how you included the slow beginning and turned it into a techno beat that makes everyone want to dance.
I guess that covers why I gave you a 10/10 ;)

Awesome! But remove the voices!

I actually thought the main remix was great through out. But I'm not all for the voices going on in the tune, especially the "pump up the volume" bit since all it did is remind me of the "Pump Up The Volume" dance track by M.A.R.R.S which seriously doesn't suit your remix' theme and feels out of place as result. Besides that nice work! :D