Reviews for "Lugias Song Remix"

Oh my lord...

This song freaking ows. XD

i still luv u

your the best of everything... i guess

0 originality

you ripped this from dj sakin - for the love of a princess.
its too blatant.
its made decently, but still.. no originality

C-Storm responds:

no.. But I made it the same way as DJ Sakin did with the braveheart remix he made, maybe all his songs constructed the same way... A friend of mine wanted me to remix this song in DJ sakin style,.. That is why I did it.. Not for money or fame :p

This is... wait for it... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Really though, very cool. You give remixs a good name.


i thought it was pretty the first 20 seconds and then "POP UP THE VOLUME"
it scared the living s*** out of me =P good remix, 'cept for that =D