Reviews for "Lugias Song Remix"

Brillant Song!


I don't care what the posters below think, keep up the good work!!!


I can imagine Lugia on the decks waving glow sticks.
All the pokémon that attend his party will be dancing as well!


P.S The pokéball is a lie!


i don know why, but i makes me cry. nice goin man :"(

It's Nice!

I really like the work you did! I actually disagree that the techno was unnecessary - I thought it really did well here. The only thing I would have liked to see was maybe switching back and forth between techno AND the orchestral/flute parts, so that the song wouldn't get too repetitive too quickly. The work on this was well-done, however. SO I will give you an 8 because the parts at the beginning and the middle.

I don't think this is a good remix.

It has a great and peaceful beginning, but the Lugias Theme in the game was all peaceful and it showed that Lugia was of good, while this is just a bunch of random dance and techno noise, or at least it sounds like you made it in 3mins. The song its self gave me a headache. Next time, I think you just need too stay away form the techno. When it comes too fighting, it should give you an exciting battle rush rather then making me want too dance, (which even that it didn't accomplish). I know this song wasn't easy too make so I will give you 5/10.

Nostalgia + Techno

This song brought back so many good memories. Kudo's, man.