Reviews for "Lugias Song Remix"


iagree with the guy 2 spots below me i like rock but it doesnt fit in with this song 5/5 8/10

C-Storm responds:

there is no rock in this song.. what is wrong with you guys :p not even a guitar :S

pretty relaxing song:)

This song is pretty relaxing :)
Nice to fal asleep with :)


I thought

Only the first seconds were good. Sorry, but I hate rock. If I did, Id prob go 8/10.

C-Storm responds:

you hate rock?!, well guess you have not heard the song :)


Awesome Remix But it sounds like the same thing over and over again, although the song issick annd the beginning "Pump up the Volume" was a perfect addition to a great song FANTASTIC work =P


that song I thought it was game boy version...
but this is better! :)