Reviews for "Lugias Song Remix"

Absolutly STUNNING

You really out did yourself!

Good, but...

"pump up the volume" sounds like shit... i wouldve downloaded but just because of that line, it ruins the whole fucking thing =|

Great Song. Nicely Done

The only reason I'm writing this is to express my dissatisfaction of the "Pump of the Volume" line. I personally think the song to do without.

But... other than that, it's a great work!

Oh geeze....the nostalgia from this song!

Back when the Pokemon movies were in theaters! Anyway, nice twist on my favorite song from the Pokemon movies. ^_^

Brilliant and Nostalgic

Aah, it's nice to hear an amazing remix of one of the most memorable songs from the Pokemon movies. I still love this song, and reminds of the days when the anime WASN'T in the toilet.