Reviews for "crystals in the sky"


amazing screw teh other guys


found it on just4pales flash, awesome shit. your score is now 4.31

Cool song

Its cool, i first heard it in just2pales movie. I like it, even if it took you 2 hours, good things come in small packages. O and i got ur score from 3.80 to 4.14 =D


I havent heard something like this before. i heard the beginning of it on toymaker, by just2pale. i wanted ot hear it for myself, so i did. it aint bad. but it does need work. but im being a hypocryte. do what the first guy said. he had construstive critisism. which is usually good.

Good try

It's a good try, but i agree with absynth the beginning is weak and a little annoying, this song is definitely not done though judging from your lack of engrish knowledge im assuming it'd be hawt in teh japans.