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Reviews for "Sonic Heroes - Final Fortress"

team dark mixes with this, Y?

because this song sounds mysterious and a little destructive, and their there trying to find and fight someone while other things are trying to do the same for them.

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Exactly. It's like a gigantic war going on. Pretty dark, just like them. Thanks for listening


Haha, awesome remix. 8D It didn't sound like it at first though, but then I was happy when the familiar tune showed up. Sounds dark and eerie. <3 Awesome job on this.

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Thats what I went for. Change up the intro and make everything dark. I pictured Team Dark going through this level as I was making this song, so it works out perfectly.

Fast and dark.

Just the way I like it! The level itself was moderately annoying, but the song was great, and you were able to reproduce it well. The only change I'd make is more drums in the 0:48-1:22 range. Still, it's good enough to use in a game, which I might do!

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

You're kidding me right? That was my favorite part. Ah well, thnx for the review, and I respect your opinion


i love this song that i download into my mp3 player.
make more!

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Hey thnx a lot. I'll keep goin dont worry

This awakens fond memories....

I seriously liked this level...This makes my memorey vivid ER.

this song was made to more epic greatness, it gets me daydreaming bout it too...
as it occurs to me, i never was much for the ranking system in that game...but i liked the fact it had no real time limit.

as it just occured to me to mention, i left reviews im not especially HAPPY nor proud of b4...back then i was about 15 and a half and very picky and if my opinion of me stands, very rude...I stand a public appology so im sorry for bein a wave maker 2 yrs back, there i said it, i was an @$$.

as for the song, techno suits this song from Sonic Heroes...makes it mystic and epic.
I'm willing to hear more, so ima sit here like a PARTIALLY sane person and WAIT. (i *HATE* waiting)
cant wait to hear more of your mixes XD

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Yeah the ranking system kinda sucked lol. The time limit was pretty cool though. Gives you a bad score though. Meh oh well.

And don't worry too bad about your past reviews. In fact I celebrate honesty. If you're an ass-kisser or a hater then your reviews don't mean so much to me. Not so many ass-kissers though, my fans like my music for me . . . there is one guy though who thinks I'm god. Lucky for me he's left no reviews left but that's just creepy XD

Yeah it takes time to make music it seems. I can't wait to finish my next piece, but it's getting kinda hard since I'm learning new things every day about the music program I use, and I just don't know what to put where lol.

Well thnx for the review