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Reviews for "College University pt 1"


SOhahahahhahaFUNNYahhahahhahaa hCANT STOP LAUGHINGhahahhahahahahahahaGUD BYEhahahhahahaha!!!


THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!I like the part where the dude gets the shit beat out of him by the bear.

praise be to college university

This is the greatest thing i have ever seen. I've watched the entire series end to end many times and they just keep getting funnier and funnier. If i were to die now, I would die a happy man just knowing that i had seen College University. Bravo.

i love it

This is the best animation ive seen yet, holy shit. THe flashback scene was gold.

dam, this was a fucking awesome animation

all i kan say is........

u earned it tha was great i agree with the last dude if u could cut a deal with mtv or comedy centeral fir a mini series or a full time cartoon ide watch it everyday. good job u deserved it