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Reviews for "College University pt 1"

in a few words

u guys own.


Hah hah hah hah hah. I think this is my new favorite flash movie. Great work you two. You guys are funny as hell, I laughed my ass off. Keep up the great work.

parks2 responds:

thanks for the support martiniboy- we're trying to get episode2 out ASAP
thanks again


This film features a great style of humor that can only be discribed as a cross between the simpsons and Clerks. Dont stop making these


episode 3 is at the website but its kinda gay.
Its starts out mike is in the gladiator movie when optimus prime comes into the story somehow and switchs over to transformers the movie.
Then it turns out mike wakes up and finds that monkey hanging off parks in a sexual lover way.And parks is looking at mikein a veeeeerrrry gay way.On top of that no sound!
Yes my speakers work fine!
Episode 3 sux!

parks2 responds:

Relax- "genocyber"
Episode3 doesn't have any sound yet- and you have the characters backwards anyway- and you should probably ease up on the "gay" comments- I don't know how homophobic you actually are- but the characters are gay and don't worry okay-the animated pictures won't threaten your heterosexuality anymore. thank you

Wow pretty damn good

WEll twist my nipple and call me Charlie, this is like one of those NBC shows butit's actually funny. Check out the rest