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Reviews for "College University pt 1"


GOOD JOB! hahaa it kicks ass


Seriously, TV SHOW, I would definately watch this as a series.

omg, perfecto

this is the only series I've seen thats wayyy better than Foamy!! Dude, you rock....being better than Foamy is a big thing , BIG!! LOL!! Great job, ur a freakin genius!! And they are rite, this would be a GREAT tv show!! It kinda reminds me of Mission Hill, only wayyyy funnier!!! WAY!!

-u rock!

-ur fan, Amanda!!!!


Public nudity, pointy hats and bears oh my. Public nudity, pointy hats and bears oh my.............u get the point.

Simply Gold

I've watched all of the episodes and shorts atleast twice.By far the
greatest series on newgrounds...Some of epsiodes make me fall
down laughing.I love this show!..I know on your website you said by
the end of the month you guys would have episode 11 out...Don't let
me down! And also...I really hope this show gets on TV. That would be

I've been on newgrounds for a long time,I've just been to lazy to create an account,but its so simple! Anyone who is thinking about creating an account...DO IT!

Peice, sicknessinside