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Reviews for "College University pt 1"

Where are my balls?

Oh, they're gone. Why? Because I laughed them off! Where's part two!?

hey that's pretty good

yeah. very nicely done. everything was pretty much good. also quite funny w/ the bear and all. that was good.

Damn hilarious! Bring on part 2!

This was damn funny! Too bad all graduations aren't like this one. Can't wait for Part 2!!

WAAAAAAY to close to reality

This resembled my own graduation too closely for comfort. Points for picking a subject i have yet to see in the portal and for making something humorous that actually happens more often than we'd like (a friend of mine triped over the stage when he walked across too)

A newgrounds breath of fresh air

Wow.. we need more movies like this on newgrounds.. humor that doesnt involve porn and fart jokes....