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Reviews for "College University pt 1"


It's very good up to the flashback scene, after that, it has too many akward moments. BUT, it is very good despite these flaws. This series has more than enough potential.

Hahaha... i'm still laughing about the flashback scene...haha!

Score: Simpsons+

You can hear Homer yell "DOH" all the way from Springfield.


This was not funny in the least. It does not - definently not - make it up there with The Simpsons.


Couldn't stop laughing

The Family Guys little brother

This was excellent! The art itself is well drawn and the humor is very well timed not to mention halirious! It reminds me of The Family Guy with its spontaneous joke approach, and that is by no means a bad thing. The sound could have been a little better, and I gave interactivity a 0, but that's only because this isn't a video game, but it damn sure could be a television series.