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Reviews for "College University pt 1"


Yhis was the funniest movie I've seen on NG for a while now... I can't wait to see more episodes... this really could be a TV show. To the dumbass that said not real funny all I have to say is what' tha heck where u looking at?

Cannot Belive you said Not Very Funny!!!!

This was funny as hell I loved when the bear beat the crap out of Parks

Not Very Funny

For some reason I did not laugh at all. It just wasn't funny. The only part where I even smiled was the bear coming back in the end.


That was so funny I wallmost fel of the chair... Hurry up with episode II. I can hardly wait!!

Watch the bear

This was one of the greatest series i've seen yet on Newgrounds, it could just about compare with the Simpsons. I hope that that won't happen at anyones graduation!