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Reviews for "College University pt 1"

I havn't watched this is a while...

And I'm not sure if I should be surprised or not. The picture parts were hilarious, but whenever they just talked normally, the quality of the flash as a whole seemed a little sloppy. Did make me lol though.


this was really funny

those were funny

make man please cuz you haven't been make them for a long time.

ywx i h8 u

great movie but im gettin real mad at all the ppl like ywx that do that its untrue spam and its annoying. if ur gonna trie to scaree ppl with that stupid idea then do it on an every1 flash or a disny channel blog cause no1 here is fallin 4 it

yeah i gotta

yeah i ju,s gotta agree with death and basspro
that was fantastic