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Reviews for "College University pt 1"

faqin awesome!!!!!

man that was the coolest shit mrcheech is right its got a simpson/family guy thing goin on

i liked it uve got some talent good work

Very cool!

I still say this has a very cool Simpson/Family Guy look to it. Very cool. You best make #3! I loved it when the bear beat up Parker! That was so like Family Guy! This kix ass!


These shows are badass Like the other guy said u should put em on FOX! Cuz FOX will do anything for ratings! Your movie kicks ass!


That was great!! I think you guys should consider doing an actual tv show for FOX or something. But until then, keep it up! And dont be afraid to expand and do extreme things.


Excellent movie....very funny..........just great!
Disgusting....naked boys and guys falling of stages!!!