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Reviews for "Chickens 2"

A War of Chickens conceived by Devilsheep

How interesting...

Seriously, though, that was one bloody chicken carnagefest.

First off, I suggest a bigger window... on a high resolution desktop, it's just too small a box, IMO. Also, no replay button at the "END" screen. Minor quibbles, but I thought I should point them out.

As for the actual plot and action.... that was quite a lot of blood-splattering chickens biting it there. Impressively gorey. Well coordinated with the music at the very start, too. The escape was a good way to start it off. The soldier who got kinda "facehugged" a la Aliens... good touch there... and the actual standoff in that room... very very nice. I liked the way you did dialogue with subtitles AND faces talking.

And we're left with a bunch of dead sticks and chickens. Fast, brutal, effective. Good flash, man... er... sheep!

So moving

The moral, it's so true...
oh god.. i'm gonna cry, the war, the bloodshed, the... tastier chickens!!


That was an awesome action movie and then BAM yuo hit us with a joke at the end!! Nice!!



Very funny....Great work.

Another masterpiece!!!....my hat is off to you my good man.....Its a nice change to see a funny movie from you.....you made my day...