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Reviews for "Chickens 2"

True chicken carnage

Excellent work, very entertaining from start to finish, the bit about tastier chicken at the end was great, well done.


I expected this being crappy, bad animation, etc.

But i was wrong ;D

...very cool, maybe you should take the chicken series further =D

Good job


That was incredible.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!

that was awsome it starts out like somthing out of a resident evil game i hope this is a series id love to see more of your work, also the graphics were good but not the best and the music i thought was great, but the biggest problem was that it had such a small screen, other then that it was awsome, anyone who doesnt think so is probley Jealous, or an asshole anyway great job keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chickens 2

This is shear brilliance!! Who could EVER blam this, chicken carnage, I'm sure this will win an award. I have always loved the chicken carnage films & games (Like kill the chicken from Zelda). I think that anyone who blams this is just jealous.