Reviews for "Hank"


woow that is just awsome.
hank looks cooler then ever.
and his eyes look awsome, is that the reflection of a nuk blast in his eyes?

great just one thing

This is great it just that the eyes are supposed to be goggles anyways this is a great piece can u tell me how to draw like that because i just sketch.


he is looking like he gone trough hell and saw their WAS NO ICECREAM!
nah jk, but yeah his eyes are very... powerfull.

Even though it's not his full details....

I can't help but gaze at the surreal-eroticness of this, the blur gives a nice feel and the material of his get-up are drop-dead magnificent.

Abe From Oddworld

It Looks Like ABE Only He's Been Strung Out On Heroin For A While, It's Still Looks Badass!