Reviews for "Hank"

Ok. You win.

I'm not a fan of madness, but this is fucking incredible.

Normlly I review movies and games but...

This is very good, if Madness was re-made in big detail (HD; it would be awsome) then that's what hank should look like when he fights the clown!

Worth the click!

Even though it's not his full details....

I can't help but gaze at the surreal-eroticness of this, the blur gives a nice feel and the material of his get-up are drop-dead magnificent.


I don't have much to say. I like it. Looks very nice, and you obviously took your time doing that.

The only issue is that as far as i know, Hank wears red glasses/googles, while his eyes are kinda... normal.

Nicely draw

It kinda look like a pumpkin for me with cement red eyes.