Reviews for "Hank"

Great interpretation of Hank


I just finished playing that Madness: Retaliation game, so this couldn't have come out with better timing.

I've got to say, I really like your interpretation of Hank. I never stopped to think that after all those ressurections and bandages he would come to look like some zombie Frankenstein creature!

The red eyes contributed to that. And the clammy skin was top notch.

Just got to give you props there. Real talent in those hands.

great just one thing

This is great it just that the eyes are supposed to be goggles anyways this is a great piece can u tell me how to draw like that because i just sketch.


Just Simply Awesome!


In my opinion, you have truly captured hank's image. His image is dark and mysterious, you're drawing shows that his eyes contain a great mystery as within the eyes you see the landscape around him. I like the red markings (Scars I believe). They show all the fights he has been in, it shows the damage he has caused and the damage that has been caused to him. Also the dried blood is an awesome effect. The whole drawing just looks amazing, I have seen a few of your other work, and well, you are amazing.


very good I like it! bye