Reviews for "Hank"

Hank is sopose to have googles not eyes ok white devil just ok


looks pretty rotten to Hank's face as it should be

Insanely talented. This is my favorite depiction of hank. Just wow.

That's Hank?

The wierdest thing about this is that it doesn't even look like it is Hank at all! It feels more like this is an attempt to create an original character. I have to love this one because it is probably the most realistic depiction of Hank that I have ever seen in an art piece. It kind of makes you wonder where his eyes even came from. He started out as an ordinary Madness guy with no eyes, but then he somehow grew them? The colors are gorgeous too.

It is great that people are always trying to put new perspectives on classic characters, especially awesome ones like Hank! Every detail is wonderfully done. He seems to somewhat resemble a cobra in this, given his scaley looking skin. The red background is also great. People rarely see art pieces as well detailed as this. It's simply going down to the nitty gritty stuff of what makes Hank so awesome.