Reviews for "GTA Downtown Mayhem"


i would reccomend that peopel do play this game.. it was fun running over peds. although it has a problem, when transferring screens u can become stuck

Cant wait for the full version

This could be one of those all time great games, the thing is that it will need something EXTRA so its not just GTA, otherwise its nothing original.

Fix it!

Youve got something there. With the glitches fixed and a bigger map, this came could rock

Could be good

Way to many glitches! Not that great of a game even besides that. Why send in a game with so many glitches before u fix em? This should get balmmed but it isn't owell.

Not bad

Maybe you should join with that guy from frank's adventure and make a proper GTA:Online exclusively for newgrounds!

Ps: There are major glitches