Reviews for "GTA Downtown Mayhem"

Keep it Going!

Yes. this does have a touch of GTA Class in it. This is good except the fact that the tank kept on getting stuck when it goes up or down. This is Fabulous. Great start. Looking forward to the Full thing.
P.S. I Loved the Cube thing.


I miss playing to old GTAs i was hopeing th tank would shoot or maybe it did im just to stupid to learn how to do it. Sometimes when your moveing down to the next area you get stuck in the watter. Any ways the over all was gonna be a 6 but i liked the pre loader i had fun messing with that for a few mins.

Yeah needs lots of work

The controls are way too messed up to control it well. when you turn it seems everything gets messed up.

also the glitches are very bad. I dont understand why you submitted a game so glitchy. why not wait til its finished?

all in all i cant wait to play the COMPLETE version.

its nice to see a fellow canadian on Newgrounds

good game, some bugs to fix, but i took the intense production warning into consideration.
keep it up man


great game but alot of bugs to be worked out....for example when i would switch sceens sometimes i would end up outside the boundries on the next sceen or in water unable to move...greatr game thhough