Reviews for "GTA Downtown Mayhem"

I HATE it. there is NO point to it and it sucks.

Is it even slightly necessary to put such a crappy game on a website let alone be even legal to put on a website? I not even joking. i mean, c'mon, you can do better than this. What's wrong with you? You just like slapped something together without any though at all probably. Screw you, loser.


sorry, but I hated it. The controls were very hard to navigate, the sound was attrocious, and the timer went WAY too fast, so there wasn't even time to enjoy anything. Plus, there's not much of a point in driving around, hitting people with the same animation and sound over and over and over. A bit too repetitive. Overall, a 1 out of 10.

Again, sorry. I just had to get it off my chest. But keep trying and you'll get it. Just try to make the navigation easier and make more interesting sounds/animation. Also, fix timer. But great idea.

it was ok

it was good but kinda glitchy... i liked when u hit the peds and they wer like motha fucka in a high pitch voice it was good

cool game

it was fun, that was my favorite part of that game, but the other guys are right when going to different areas it would glitch up and do something stupid, fix it up its a cool game

glitch theft auto

it is crap accept it your a failure