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Reviews for "Comic Con Experiences 5"

Just like we say in México... "que pedo con este wey?!"

I.. I dont... W-what just happened? I have so MANY questions!

1. How does someone say all of that, with a normal face expression?

2. Has he ever spoken to... anyone before... like ever?

You have to be making this one up, that was just too bizarre.

How old was the guy? he sound like he was suffering from dementia, he sounded disoriented.

When i started reading i was all "oh he is gonna hit on her and sexually harass her, and will go on about her looks dismissing her comic", but nope.

He was a lost man looking for a wife.

What the hell was that? why did he insisted on making sure you were not a trans woman? or jewish? did you look that manly? XD.

Comick responds:

This is 100% true! I even have my table mate who was sitting next to me, to back me up XD The guy looked in his late 20s or early 30s. He spoke clearly with direct eye contact but emotionless and had no reaction to my jokes or verbal frustration, I have NO IDEA what was wrong with him. I actually think he wandered off from a mental ward or something...nothing he said made any sense and he was just in his own world asking random me things that didn't even pertain to the comics or anything!

Maybe he had some sort or mental problems or some sord of disorder? The way he spoke sounded like he was confused.

Comick responds:

I'm 99% sure he was nuts. I've seen awkward people at these things, but he was on another level of "what in the world"??

Yikes. That is one weird dude.
I've heard many tales of weirdness from comic-cons, but this one was just downright odd.
That doesn't seem like human behavior.
He may have been from another planet.

Comick responds:

Yeah I actually kept looking at my table mate in confusion, because the guy was not making any sense, asked the wildest questions, and yet he was clean cut, nice clothes, no slurs, no signs of drugs, no red eyes, no drunk smell, he looked totally normal every-day guy...until he SPOKE O_o and then with further questions he said "he just got off the Bart train and it took him here...so he didn't even know the area, that this event was going on, or anything" and yet he was fixated on "finding a wife...." I'm convinced he wandered off a mental ward. >_o