Reviews for "Poop another day"

Pube Muppet never seems to get old no matter how many times I watch these stupid movies. I mean seeing him in a full length movie and how he constantly talk about gay sex reminds me of me in a way. Lol love it overall

holy crap

Omg It's Die Another Day (Poop another day)
Lol PM sucks
I like MJ
MJ Rocks

OMG PubeMuppet as 007???

Who could have thought of this???? OMG OMG OMG!!! A penis car...??? NoooooOOOOoooooo. The theme song for "Poop Another Day" didn't sound very good. YAY! LollypopClock as the boss! wOOt! When DemonClock and ABC said "No! Now get the ____ out!", it was well said and incredibly synchronized. BTW PubeBeaker is NOT in this movie. Instead, there's PubeJason. Anyway, pretty funny. Good job LollypopClock.

Pube muppit with better graphics/storyline!

^^Good Points^^
Seeing how I am a big fan of the Pube Muppit, this kind of movie is right down my alley. I liked how you kept the characteristics of a pube muppit movie like the rambling and the "What kind of establishment..." quote. I found this very funny and liked the effort that you put into the storyline and graphics. Nice job.

That made me want fried chicken.

I would shove it up Pube muppet's ass and he will shit it out on me. I will then shove it in my pubes and eat the shit and pube covered chicken.