Reviews for "Poop another day"

wow that blows

Dude, do u just make them swear so u can say dirty words. dont get me wrong i say fuck a million times a day but this sounded forced.


that was ghetto but funny as hell...im meen jeese
a fucking pube kermit and watever the fuck th other thing was but still it was funny as hell!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Pube Muppit flash

Its nice to see someone trying to do something new with PM. While still keeping him Pube Muppit

The whole flash was well done, but still kept that Pube Muppit look.

Oh and I would ignore that Pube Clinton Idea ROFL


Man You really convinced me, to submit this certain pube muppet video.

I love you.

Micheal Jackson...... that was funny as hell although he does sound like a little girl.

That was superb.


This is pretty funny,SBC made a great cameo LOL,great work"STFU THEY ARENT GAY"now that is gold great work!