Reviews for "Ulquiorra"

Great drawing! You know, the funny thing is that I've seen about two episode of the entire anime. I did see this one online clip that showed him. It was so cool, I immediately became familiar with the character. You seemed to have captured his essence perfectly. It's great to see the unique parts of his body.

I've never seen him change expression. My favorite part might be his half helmet. The "4" is a great touch too. It looks like he's ready to battle. It's such a triumphant pose.

Awesome i think it is one of the best Bleach sketches ever!


wow tht is amazing i luv it and ur rite riper30000 the guy u r tlkn bout is named grimmjow jaggerjack take it from me i watch bleach its the best anime i hav evr seen

this is amazing man.. completely amazing... i love the detail on this picture.. but i got a challenge for ya...Try to draw grimmjow jaggerjack( i think thats his name) im sure youll do awesome on it if you do.