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Reviews for "--Super Kirby Compilation!--"

If there was a song...

...that could sum up all my favorite memories, it would be this.
Good work man, 10/10.



ever here of Audiosurf?

well, this is like the perfect song for that game.

but that aside, this was a very good remix, it's just a shame you couldn't somehow work gourmet race in there, other than that, 10/10.

Ovr the top

I enjoyed it. It's very upbeat and happy. The kind of stuff I'd listen to when I'm bored or nervous.

Loved it

This was truly an ultimate Kirby remix song,having all those Kirby themes remixed into one song was outstanding and they all fit perfectly with each other and the quality was spectacular as well,overall this was amazing and you did an excellent job on it.